Logistic distribution

We can provide to your clients the guaranteed and timely delivery of your goods. A full range of the organization of all stages of movement of cargoes from the producer to the final recipient including goods reception, the warehouse accounting of movement and storage of cargoes, repacking and a complete set of orders according to requirements of the client.

Logistic outsourcing

Logistic outsourcing is an acquisition at the third party of services in stockpile management, goods transportation, its warehousing and all business processes connected with these operations and it is necessary:To the large companies for decrease in product costTo the growing companies for decrease in an expense of time for the organization of own logisticsTo producers for receiving a full complex of services within one enterprise

Outsourcing means the accurate contract in which it is caused that during what what time cargo and on what uloviya should be delivered in a decree place, removing a sharpness of the problems connected with control and responsibility.