Enterprise History

The enterprise was designed and used as a warehouse complex for import goods transfer and storage for needs of electronic industry.
Now Electroncomplex warehouse terminal is used for reception, storage and sending of different cargoes which are arrived and sent both by railway and motor transport.

Reconstruction of main building warehouse was carried out at the enterprise during 2005-2006. The modern terminal (total area - 6237 m3) was built according to the project of warehouse complex reconstruction. It includes warehouse, loading-unloading and batch formation zones, a covered railway stage. After reconstruction there was a possibility to render services at higher level due to rational use of the existing areas, use of modern loading equipment and introduction of modern document flow technologies. 
The Automated warehouse system essentially reduces time of cargo handling. Modern logistic solutions make it possible to accept and ship cargoes to different consumers at the same time without crossing of transport streams in warehouse. A fire extinguishing system and a security alarm system make it possible to secure stored cargoes and to prevent unauthorized access to warehouse territory.

Today Electroncomplex is a successfully realized project with the latest technologies in the field of the warehouse logistics, corresponding to all standards of a modern warehouse and focused on rendering of full high-quality and hi-tech service package concerning warehouse and logistic support.
The competent approach to work organization made it possible to place two modern warehouse complexes of category B and B + (general capacity - up to 16 000 pallets), to allocate a room for high-value goods storage and the area for floor storage on the area of 3,41 hectares.